Monday, October 25, 2021

Leaving Facebook

 I recently left Facebook.  One of the reasons I left is that I despise social media.  I have a twitter account that I use mostly for browsing information security content but in between all the real information I often find drama that devalues the platform for me.  I had used Facebook for keeping in touch with people but really it isn't a substitute for real interaction.  Liking a post isn't the same as giving someone a call because you were thinking about them.

One of the reasons I dislike platforms like Facebook is the ease with which they are abused.  People can make up claims with no basis in fact.  They can put populist words and phrases in front of a picture of a popular celebrity and a piece of misinformation will then somehow be considered truth, an immutable fact.  I had asked in a post on Facebook, what could Facebook the company possibly do to get you to stop using their products, there wasn't a single response.  People will continue to use Facebook whether or not it is good for them.

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